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Join Doctor Randy Davis in the Fight to Making Our Oceans Cleaner


Our oceans are being polluted every day, and it affects marine life and us as well. Did you know that the oceans provide over 97% of the world’s water supply and over 70% of the oxygen that we need to breathe? It absorbs thirty percent of the carbon emissions we produce, and more than 200 million metrics of plastic are dumped into the oceans every year.

Toxic chemicals like asbestos, oil, lead, and mercury are present in our oceans, and land run-off causes substances like fertilizers, petroleum, and animal waste to enter our oceans as well. Finally, oil spills and litter (especially plastic) contribute to the pollution of our oceans as well.

Doctor Randy Davis works with an organization called Its mission is to save our oceans by putting more of it under protection, rebuilding coral reefs, restoring fisheries, and cleaning up the oceans through special projects. is currently raising money to finish stalled ocean projects, and you can make a donation here.

In addition to donating to this great cause, you can join Doctor Randy Davis in strengthening conservation efforts by making a few changes at home. When you buy seafood, choose sustainable seafood that isn’t overfished. There are many organizations, like Seafood Watch, that show consumers which seafood is safe to eat.

You can also reduce the amount of plastic you use. Single use items like straws and water bottles are greatly harming marine life. Refuse to use these altogether or choose counterparts made of glass or recycled materials.

Finally, reduce your overall carbon footprint altogether. Reduce the amount of meat you eat, ride your bike or use public transportation when you can, and switch to fluorescent lighting to lower your carbon footprint immediately.

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